Search continues two weeks after 3-year-old boy disappeared in Wisconsin

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I was seeing so many things people were getting away with. Nasty talk, showing way to much of themselves and I genuinely thought things out. On Instagram, I can get flagged for the simplist infraction. And that’s leaving a positive comment that just may have the word, “gay” in it.

Threads to me is a step up on the nasty scale. They’re all running free in there doing and saying whatever they want. Both platforms need cleaned up, both of them do. There’s no way you can tell me that you all don’t know about these accounts unless we report them. If you stop me from making a comment on them, then you have to stop them from posting their nasty posts based on said guidelines.

what is login live.com

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Instagram, Inc.

I’m skipping specifics so this review isn’t out of date in a couple of weeks. Eventually ads are expected (no free platform can last without revenue), but in 2023 Threads https://www.day-trading.info/ is building its user base and there are none. If you purchase a product or register for an account through a link on our site, we may receive compensation.

  1. It just pops back up every time you restart the app or change tabs.
  2. Even my LovenseRemote app is made better than threads.
  3. Switch over to threads and it’s a free for all.
  4. There are so many issues with this app.

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What it does have is millions of new users making new connections, and interacting for the most part in a refreshingly civil manner. There’s plenty of lively debate on every topic under the sun; most Threads communities preach proactively blocking trolls. It’s the threaders themselves that are making Threads a fun and friendly place.New features are added nearly every week, yet the platform is granite stable.

Search continues two weeks after 3-year-old boy disappeared in Wisconsin

But get my comment taken down because of guidelines. As it’s content itself goes against guidelines. Hold the same standard for all or don’t use that at all. There is so much filth on instagram.

Community Rules apply to all content you upload or otherwise submit to this site. Both suspects deny any involvement in the boy’s disappearance. That included disciplining Elijah by making him stand for one to three hours in “time outs,” making him pray and giving him cold showers, the documents allege. The documents showed that Baur was staying with Vang to help correct the boy’s “bad behaviors” and make him “be a man,” NBC Chicago reported.

what is login live.com

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I feel like i’m being forced to participate in something I no longer want to be a part of. This is such a terrible app I can barely https://www.investorynews.com/ put it into words. And to think that verified accounts had it before me and it still has all these issues is shocking.

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There are so many issues with this app. First of all, I couldn’t be logged into instagram and threads at the same time without getting automatically logged out of the other. The app in itself is poorly made, they made it so simple that it ended up not being user friendly. You can’t even follow enough accounts you like to keep the stuff you don’t like off your timeline. Tried deactivating my threads account, not only will it not fully deactivate but you can’t remove the badge on your instagram no matter what you do, even though it tells you that you can. It just pops back up every time you restart the app or change tabs.

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But no matter the context, comments are rejected because of “guidelines”. Switch over to threads and it’s a free for all. I was thinking of dropping all together my Instagram. I’ve never used such a hypocritical site in my life. To leave a comment on a post that someone is showing way to much skin, or even swearing like crazy in the post.

To experience the newest features and improvements, download the latest version of the app. Court documents reviewed by NBC Chicago show that Vang called police before 11 a.m. He said he had fallen asleep watching the child and woke up to find him gone. Both Elijah’s mother, https://www.forex-world.net/ Katrina Baur, 31, and the man who was looking after him when he disappeared, Jesse Vang, 39, have been charged with child neglect. Police continue to appeal for information on the whereabouts of a 3-year-old boy who disappeared two weeks ago in eastern Wisconsin.

Basically, if you like twitter, avoid this app. If you don’t like twitter, avoid this app. Even my LovenseRemote app is made better than threads. Threads is still in its “new” phase, so it may not have every feature you want, yet.

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